How can I Stop Unauthorised Deductions from My SASSA Grant?

How can I Stop Unauthorised Deductions from My SASSA Grant?

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By Anele Zulu

Having unexpected or unauthorised deductions taken from your SASSA social grant can be incredibly frustrating and financially damaging. If you find suspicious or unwanted deductions on your SASSA card, you have options to dispute the charges and potentially stop further deductions. In this guide we will outline the key steps you can take.

What Are Some Common Unauthorised Deductions?

Some common unauthorised deductions that SASSA grant beneficiaries report seeing include:

  • Life insurance premiums – Policies that were signed up for without proper consent
  • Airtime and data purchases – Unauthorized airtime or bundle purchases
  • Loans and credit – Loan repayments taken without full agreement
  • Funeral policies – Premiums for funeral or burial plans

How to Check Your SASSA Grant Balance and Transactions?

The first step is to closely review your SASSA grant transactions and balance history to identify any concerning deductions.

You can check your balance by:

  • Using your SASSA card at retailers that offer balance checks
  • Visiting a SASSA office or pay point
  • Calling the SASSA balance inquiry line at *120*301#

To view your full transaction history:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office
  • Call 0800 60 10 11 to request a statement

Carefully review transactions and flag any unfamiliar or unauthorized deductions for dispute.

How to Dispute and Stop Unauthorised Deductions?

If you notice unfamiliar deductions on your SASSA grant statement, you can dispute them by contacting SASSA directly:

Step 1: Gather Information

  • Record the names of companies making deductions
  • Note exact deduction amounts and dates
  • Calculate the total amount deducted

Step 2: Submit an SMS Dispute

Text the following details to Q-link on “34548“:

  • Topic: Dispute
  • Your ID number
  • Your full name and surname (as it is written on your ID document)
  • FSP Name: The company you are submitting a dispute against
  • Duration of the policy: How long the company/ policy has been deducting money from your account
  • Reason for dispute: I did not sign a contract/ misrepresentation

Step 3: Follow Up By Phone

Call the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to ensure they received your dispute and request any next steps. Provide documents if needed.

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How Long Does Dispute Processing Take?

The dispute processing timeline varies case-by-case. Simple unauthorized airtime deduction disputes may take days or weeks. More complex unauthorized loan or policy disputes could take over a month in some cases.

Will I Get My Deducted Money Back?

If SASSA finds the deductions were clearly unauthorized and illegal, you have a chance of being refunded the full amounts. However specific refund policies and success rates vary. Getting official clarification from SASSA is advised.

Tips to Prevent Unauthorised Deductions

Once resolved, there are also some helpful tips to avoid repeating this frustration:

  • Never share your SASSA card PIN with anyone
  • Avoid marketing calls/texts asking for card details
  • Beware signing any SASSA-linked credit contracts
  • Check statements monthly for unfamiliar deductions
  • Report lost or stolen SASSA cards immediately

Who Can I Contact for Assistance?

If you are struggling to stop ongoing SASSA grant deductions or resolve a dispute case, don’t hesitate to call SASSA for personalized assistance:

SASSA Helpline 0800 60 10 11

Acting swiftly by disputing unauthorized transactions is key. With focus and patience, unwanted policies or deductions can hopefully be cancelled, investigated and refunded where warranted. Stay vigilant!

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