SASSA Change Banking Details for SRD R350

SASSA Change Banking Details for SRD R350 [2024]


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By Anele Zulu

Receiving social assistance grants is a lifeline for millions of South Africans. To ensure payments continue smoothly, keeping your SASSA banking details update with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) system is essential. Besides, SASSA recently increased the SRD R350 Amount to R370, so if you are looking specifically to change banking details for SASSA SRD R370 Banking Details, you can read our guide on our website.

If you changed bank accounts or noticed something suspicious, promptly updating your SASSA banking details protects access to funds and prevents fraud. This comprehensive guide covers the proper protocols in 2024 for modifying Bank account information digitally, telephonically or in-regional offices, so keep on reading.

Note: Keeping track of the SASSA Payment Dates 2024 schedule is highly recommended when changing your grant’s banking details. You can find an updated monthly calendar of the exact payment days online or through the official call center.


Steps Needed to Update or Change SASSA Banking Details

You can simply follow the below steps to change SASSA Banking Details in 2024.

Step 1: Access Official Site

Go to and login to your applicant account. South African ID holders enter 13-digit number. Asylum seekers/permit holders provide file, passport and phone details used in application.

SASSA change Bank details 2024

Step 2: Locate Details Update Section

From main menu, scroll to clearly labeled “Change Banking Details” section.

SASSA Change Bank details 2024

Step 3: Confirm Valid Identity

SA Citizens: Type accurate 13-digit ID number when prompted

Asylum/Permit: Input identical file, passport and phone information

This verifies you to proceed.

Step 4: Receive Security OTP

Check phone for one-time PIN and input the code to authorize access.

Step 5: Select Preferred Payment Method

Choose bank account, Post Office or cash send service.

Step 6: Submit New Bank Account Details

If selecting bank account, carefully enter account number, bank name and branch code. Triple check accuracy before sending.

Step 7: Allow 5-7 Days Processing Time

Be patient while new details verify on SASSA internal systems. You will receive SMS notification when approved.

Step 8: Check Profile to Confirm Changes

Log back into portal after timeline to validate correct banking information updated under your account details.

However, if you are still awaiting final approval after submitting updated banking details, easily check processing status by accessing the SASSA Status Check tracker online which provides real-time visibility through self-service ID lookup.

3 Methods other than Banking Details for SASSA

There are three other methods to Change SASSA Banking Details without messing visiting website of SASSA at

Calling SASSA Support to Update Payment Information

Follow this process to change banking details over the phone:

Step 1: Phone Toll-Free Helpline

Call 0800 60 10 11 and select language option through SASSA call support menu.

Step 2: Ask to Modify Existing Bank Account Data

Clearly request to agent that you want to update banking details associated with your grant.

Step 3: Provide Essential Identity and Reference Numbers

Accurately quote your South African ID along with the SASSA grant reference number.

Step 4: Indicate New Bank Account Particulars

State the bank name, account number, branch code and account holder name to link future payments.

Step 5: Note Down Provided Change Request Ticket

Save ticket number for checking status on details modification later.

Step 6: Follow Up After Processing Timeframe

Call back after 5 business days to validate changes fully captured by agents.

Visiting Regional Offices to Change SASSA Bank Information

Updating SASSA account details in-person involves:

Step 1: Find Closest SASSA Branch Office

Locate most convenient local office from national directory.

Step 2: Ask In-Person Agent for Banking Change Form

Request account update application at on-site service desk.

Step 3: Show ID Proof for Verification

Provide South African ID book, passport or asylum papers to confirm identity.

Step 4: Complete Form with New Bank Details

Neatly enter fresh account number, bank name, branch and account type.

Step 5: Return Post 5 Day Processing Time

Come back after standard timeframe to check changes processed successfully.

Moya APP SASSA Change Banking Details in 2024

The Moya finance app enables quick account changes by:

Step 1: Download and Login to Moya

Get free app from store and register with ID number and password.

Step 2: Navigate to SASSA Profile

From menu locate and select SASSA account details section.

Step 3: Tap “Change Banking Information”

Press button visible on SASSA profile home screen.

Step 4: Submit New Bank Particulars

Enter account number, bank name, type and holder name into form.

Step 5: Wait for 10 Day Verification

Be patient during back-end confirmation of newly input data.

Step 6: Check Account to Ensure Changes

Login after timeline passes and confirm updated banking details applied.

Strategic Guidance for Changing Payment Information

Follow this tactical advice when modifying account details:

  • Initiate change well ahead of next payment to avoid disruptions
  • Keep mobile number actively registered for status SMS alerts
  • Switch between banks in advance allowing sufficient transition time
  • Triple verify any new banking particulars submitted for accuracy
  • Promptly follow up if updated details don’t reflect within 7 day standard

Specialized Guidance for Updating R350 SRD Grant Bank Details in 2024

Updating R350 Grant bank details is similar to the one we have already mentioned above. Well, SRD applicants can optimize account changes by:

  • Logging into portal specifically
  • Locating “Change Bank Details” menu option
  • Inputting 13-digit South African ID number when prompted
  • Meticulously entering new account figures devoid of errors
  • Being patient for minimum 7-10 day internal processing
  • Phoning 0800 60 10 11 helpline for specialized assistance

Implications of Incorrect Bank Account Submissions

Providing inaccurate information can lead to:

  • Delayed or held payments pending corrections
  • Failed deposit transactions requiring manual collection
  • Incorrect routing resulting in misdirected grants
  • Difficulty reclaiming misallocated money
  • Potential permanent loss of funds
  • Temporary payment suspension during rectification
  • Considerable recipient stress and anxiety

How Long Does It Take For SASSA to Pay After Updating Banking Details?

After updating your banking details with SASSA, first allow 5-7 working days for them to verify and switch the payment to your new account. Then budget for up to 2 extra days for the bank to reflect the updated grant deposit. Overall, plan for the next payment to land in your new account within 7-10 working days from the time you submitted your paperwork. Rare cases with rural banks may exceed 10 days. Strictly adhere to SASSA’s processes to minimize delays.

How to Change Banking Details for SASSA R350 Without a Phone Number?

Changing your SASSA banking details for the R350 grant without a phone number isn’t possible online because SMS verification is needed.

Here are your options:

Visit a SASSA Office:

Go to your nearest SASSA office. Ask for a SASSA 13 form, fill it out with your new banking details, and submit it with certified copies of your ID and proof of your new bank account.


If you can’t visit an office, call 0800 60 10 11. Explain your situation and ask for a SASSA Affidavit Form to be mailed to you. Complete it and send it back with the required documents.

A phone number is used for communication, not for verifying your banking details update.

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