How to Change Your SASSA SRD R370 Phone Number?

How to Change Your SASSA SRD R370 Phone Number in 2024?


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By Anele Zulu

Do you need to update the mobile number SASSA has on file for your SRD R370 grant (Previously R350 Grant) ? Maybe you got a new number, or you suspect someone changed it without your permission.

Either way, it’s really important to keep your contact details up-to-date with SASSA. They use the phone number you give them to send updates on your grant payments and other crucial information.

Luckily, changing your cell phone number for the SASSA SRD grant is a pretty straightforward process if you follow the right steps. I’ll walk you through exactly what to do, whether you’re making an authorized change yourself or reporting an unauthorized number swap.

Let’s start with the basics:

Why Your Phone Number Matters for SASSA?

Your mobile number is connected to your SRD grant application and file. SASSA needs to have the correct contact details to:

  • Notify you when your grant payment is coming
  • Send you OTPs (one-time PINs) to verify it’s really you
  • Update you on important process changes
  • Let you reset passwords or unlock your account if needed

So keeping your number current is a big deal! If SASSA can’t get a hold of you, you might miss out on critical updates regarding the money you deserve.

There are two main situations where you’ll need to update your phone number with SASSA:

  1. Authorized change: You got a new mobile number and need to provide the updated contact info.
  2. Unauthorized change: Someone else changed the phone number on your account without your permission (fraud).

I’ll cover both situations below in a simple, step-by-step guide.

How to Change Your SASSA SRD R370 Phone Number for an Authorized Update?

1. Visit the Official SASSA Website

Go to to access the SRD grant information page. This is the only legit website to use for updating details.

2. Click on ‘Update Contact Information’

Look for the words “Update Contact Information” on the page and click that option. It may also say “Change Contact Details” or something similar.

3. Verify Your Identity

You’ll need to enter your 13-digit South African ID number, which SASSA uses to identify you. Double check you typed it correctly!

You’ll also need to enter the 6-digit “AppID” or Application ID number that SASSA gave you when you first applied for the grant.

4. Enter Your New Phone Number

On the next screen, you’ll get boxes to type in the mobile number you want to update your details with. Take your time and double check the number before confirming.

5. Submit Your New Number

Once you’ve carefully entered the new phone number, click “Submit” or “Update” to complete the change request.

6. Get Confirmation from SASSA

If everything goes through properly, SASSA should send you a confirmation message to the new number you provided. This can come as an SMS or email in some cases.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully updated your contact details. Going forward, SASSA will use the new mobile number to reach you about SRD grant payments and important info.

But what if your number changed WITHOUT your permission? That’s a more serious situation…

How to Report an Unauthorized Phone Number Change?

If you log into the SASSA website and see a mobile number you don’t recognize on your account, someone may have fraudulently altered your contact details.

Unauthorized changes like this need to be reported right away to protect yourself from potential criminal activity. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the SASSA Security Concerns Page

Go to to access the page for reporting unauthorized changes.

2. Enter Your ID Number

You’ll need to type in your 13-digit ID number and indicate that your phone number was changed without your approval.

3. Contact SASSA Directly

As soon as you formally note the unauthorized change on the website, call the SASSA hotline at 0800 601 011. Explain what happened so they can investigate and secure your account.

It’s very important to act swiftly and report the potential fraud attempt to SASSA. That way they can take steps to prevent further criminal activity and ensure your grant isn’t compromised.

A Few Additional Tips:

  • Never give out personal info like your ID number unless you initiated contact
  • Be wary of calls/emails claiming to be from SASSA asking for private details
  • Only use the official website to update information
  • If you can’t get through to the hotline, visit your nearest SASSA office in person

Keeping your contact details current with SASSA helps ensure you get all the resources and support you’re entitled to through the SRD grant program. I know the process can seem confusing, but taking it step-by-step makes it much easier.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to SASSA directly if you have any additional questions or concerns about changing your mobile number or reporting fraud attempts. They’re there to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I update my phone number with SASSA?

You should update your phone number with SASSA anytime you get a new number or suspect unauthorized changes to the number on your account.

Q: What if I don’t have a mobile phone number?

SASSA does require you to provide a mobile phone number when applying for the SRD grant. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to get a new number and update your details.

Q: Will SASSA call or text me about changing my number?

No, SASSA will never proactively reach out and ask you to update or confirm your phone number. You’ll need to initiate that process yourself online or in-person.

Q: How long does it take for SASSA to update my new phone number?

Number changes generally process within 2-3 working days after submitting the new details online. SASSA will confirm once the update is complete.

Q: My number was stolen/hacked – what do I do?

Treat this as an unauthorized number change. Report it immediately on the SASSA fraud page and call their hotline to secure your account.

Q: While Changing Number it is giving an error of Invalid Phone Number?

If you are receiving an error or Invalid Phone number, you can try restarting your device, and make sure you’re putting your number in proper format starting with “0” followed by the 9-digit mobile number with no spaces/symbols (e.g. 0612345678). You can read our ultimate guide on fixing Invalid Phone Number for detailed guidance.

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