How to Change Banking Details for SASSA SRD R370?

How to Change Banking Details for SASSA SRD R370 in 2024?

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By Anele Zulu

Have you recently opened a new bank account and need to update your details with SASSA for the newly increased SRD R370 grant? Don’t worry, it’s a pretty straightforward process if you follow the right steps.

Changing your banking details may seem a bit confusing at first, especially if you’re not very tech-savvy. But I’ll guide you through it step-by-step in this easy-to-understand article.

Let’s start with what you’ll need:

What You Need to Change SASSA Banking Details for SASSA SRD R370 in 2024?

● Your green ID book or smart ID card – This is how SASSA identifies you

● The mobile phone number you used when applying for the SRD grant

● Details of your new bank account – account number, type (savings/cheque), and bank name

It’s important that the account is in your own name. SASSA can’t pay the grant into someone else’s account, even if it’s a family member.

How to Change Banking Details for SASSA SRD R370? Step-by-Step

Now let’s get into the actual steps to change your banking details with SASSA:

Step 1: Go to the SASSA Website

Open your internet browser and type in the website address:

This is the official SASSA website for the SRD grant, so you know it’s legit and secure. Be careful of fake websites that may try to get your personal information!

Step 2: Find the ‘Change Banking Details’ Section

On the SASSA website homepage, look for a section called “How do I change my banking details?” It’s usually under the “Frequently Asked Questions” part or towards the bottom of the page.

Click on that section to open the instructions.

Step 3: Enter Your ID Number

You’ll see a box where you need to type in your 13-digit ID number from your green ID book or smart card. Double and triple check that you entered it 100% correctly.

Step 4: Get the One-Time PIN from SASSA

Once you submit your ID number, SASSA will send a one-time PIN (a few numbers) via SMS to the mobile phone number you used for your SRD grant application.

Step 5: Enter the One-Time PIN

Go back to the SASSA website and enter that PIN number you received via SMS. This helps confirm it’s really you trying to make the change.

Step 6: Follow Banking Details Instructions

After entering the PIN, you’ll get to a secure page where you can enter your new banking details. Fill in:

  • Bank account number
  • Type of account (savings or cheque/current)
  • Name of the bank

Take your time and double check that all the details are 100% correct. One small mistake could cause big problems!

Step 7: Submit Your New Banking Details

Once you’ve carefully entered and checked all the new banking information, click the “Submit” or “Confirm Changes” button.

Step 8: Wait for Confirmation from SASSA

SASSA now needs to verify and process the new banking details you submitted. This usually just takes a few days.

You’ll receive an SMS notification once your banking details have been updated and approved. Sometimes there may also be a confirmation message on the SASSA website.

How to Change Banking details for SASSA R370 without Phone Number?

Changing your SASSA banking details for the R370 grant without a phone number isn’t possible online. Verification via SMS is the current standard process.

Anyway, you have options to Change Banking details for SASSA R370 without Phone Number.

1. Visit a SASSA Office:

Go to your nearest SASSA office in person. Request a SASSA 13 form there. Fill out the form with your new banking details and submit it with certified copies of your ID and proof of your new bank account.

2. Call SASSA:

If visiting an office is challenging, you can call SASSA at their toll-free number, 0800 60 10 11. Explain your situation and ask them to mail you a Affidavit form. Once you receive it, fill it out and send it back with the necessary documents.

Although a phone number is needed for these options, it is used for communication, not for verifying your banking details update

Thins to Remember while Changing Banking Details for R370

  • There is no fixed payment date each month for when you’ll receive the R370 grant. SASSA processes payments on a rolling basis, so just keep checking your updated bank account.
  • Make sure to clear any debt on your new account before the grant gets paid in. Banks are allowed to deduct money owed to them first before you can access the full R370.
  • If you have any issues with changing your banking details, you can contact the SASSA toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11 for assistance.
  • Only update your details on the official SASSA website at to avoid scams.

And that’s it! By carefully following those steps, you’ve successfully changed where SASSA will pay your SRD R370 grant each month.

Having an issue with parts of the process? Don’t panic! Either retry the steps or contact SASSA directly if you’re really stuck. They’re there to help.

Updating your banking details may seem small, but it’s an important thing to get right. That R370 grant makes a big difference for millions of South Africans in need. The last thing you want is for it to go missing or into the wrong account.

So take your time, double check everything, and feel free to refer back to this guide if you need to change your details again in the future. Staying on top of it will ensure you get your grant payment every month without issues.

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