How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method?

How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method in [2024]?

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By Anele Zulu

The SASSA R350 grant has become a vital lifeline for many unemployed South Africans struggling to make ends meet. As of 2024, over 7 million people rely on this financial support.

However, long queues and delayed payments have made access difficult for beneficiaries. If you currently receive your R350 grant via the Post Office, changing your payment method can save time and frustration. Also, SASSA provides a real-time online SASSA Status Check tool so beneficiaries can check the status of their application.

This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know to change your SASSA R350 payout option to direct deposit in your bank account in 2024.

Why Change Your SASSA R350 Payment Method?

Collecting your R350 grant in person every month from the Post Office or pay point can be inconvenient and time consuming. Beneficiaries often endure long waits in queues just to access funds. Shifting your grant’s payment method to direct bank deposit allows for quicker, more reliable access to your money each month.

Additional advantages include:

  • No queues: Skip the long lines at the Post Office by having your money directly deposited.
  • Time savings: No need to take public transport for payout collection. The funds appear in your account.
  • Security: Lower risk than carrying large cash amounts from pay point.
  • Reliability: Direct bank deposit ensures on-time payment without delays.

By switching your SASSA R350 payment method to bank deposit, you can enjoy easier access with less hassle monthly.

Payment Method Options for the SASSA R350 Grant

If you currently receive your R350 through the South African Post Office, you can elect to change the payout method. SASSA offers beneficiaries the following disbursement options in 2024:

  • Post Office payout
  • Bank account deposit
  • Pick n Pay retail stores
  • Shoprite retail stores

The Post Office option requires visiting the local branch each month with your ID on payday. The other methods allow for more convenient collection. Bank account direct deposit is the most popular choice.

How to Change Your SASSA R350 Payment Method?

Follow this step-by-step guide to switch your payout option from Post Office to direct bank deposit conveniently online:

Step 1) Visit the SASSA SRD Portal

Step 2) Navigate to “How Do I Change Banking Details?

Step 3) Enter ID number or asylum seeker details to confirm identity

Step 4) Input OTP code sent to phone

Step 5) Select new payment method

Step 6) Submit updated bank account information

Step 7) Enter your address and contact details

Step 8) Click Submit to complete your payment method change

Be sure to double check all banking details entered for accuracy to avoid errors or rejected deposits.

Within 5-7 working days, SASSA will verify your account information and process the request. Expect to receive your next R350 grant directly in the nominated bank account on payday.

Payment Method Change Notification

Once your application gets approved, you will receive an SMS notification from SASSA confirming the new payment method. This message will be sent to the mobile number used when registering your grant. If your cell phone number has changed, be sure to update your contact details via the SASSA portal to keep getting important payment alerts.

FAQs on Changing SASSA R350 Payment Method

Q: How long does it take SASSA to change my payment method?

SASSA requires approximately 7 working days to process account changes and verify new bank details.

Q: Can I change from bank deposit back to Post Office?

Yes, you can toggle between available payout methods by submitting additional changes via the SASSA portal if needed.

Q: What if my new bank details don’t get verified?

If SASSA cannot validate account details entered, your application will get rejected. You will have to reapply with accurate, corrected information.

Q: Do I need to visit a SASSA office when changing payment methods?

No, the entire payment information update process can be completed conveniently online. No need to physically visit any SASSA branches.

Q: How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method to Cash send?

Unfortunately, changing the SASSA R350 payment method to CashSend is no longer possible. As of August 2023, CashSend is discontinued for the R350 grant. SASSA ended this payment option in April 2023 across all channels, including website changes.

The Bottom Line

Switching your SASSA R350 grant from Post Office collection to direct bank account deposit can provide simpler, faster monthly access. By following the step-by-step guide outlined here, you can conveniently change your payment method online through SASSA’s portal without queues or hassles. Be sure to double check all banking details for accuracy when submitting changes. Within about 7 working days, expect to receive a confirming SMS notification from SASSA when approved.

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