Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online 2024


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By Anele Zulu

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides monthly social grants to support eligible South African citizens. The Child Support Grant is one such social assistance program for low-income households that provides financial aid for raising children under 18 years old.

As the primary caregiver of a child, you can apply for this grant by visiting your nearest SASSA office or applying online. Once applied, it is crucial to regularly SASSA Status Check your child support grant application to stay updated.

Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online 2024

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about checking the status of your SASSA child grant application online in 2024. However, if you have Lost Child Support Grant After Caregiver Died, you can learn more at Lost Child Support Grant After Caregiver Died? Reapply Steps

Overview of the Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant (CSG) provides R510 per month (which will increase to R520 from April 2024) to the primary caregiver of a child under 18 years old. It is paid every month to buy food, clothing and other basic needs for children in low-income households.

In addition to the CSG, a child support grant top-up of R250 per child per month is also provided (from April 2023) specifically for orphaned children cared for by relatives.

So in total, the CSG adds up to R760 per month (R510 + R250 top-up) for every eligible orphan child under your care.

Eligibility Criteria for the Child Support Grant

To qualify for the SASSA child support grant, you must meet the following eligibility rules:

  • Be a South African citizen, permanent resident or recognized refugee
  • Child must be under 18 years old
  • Applicant must be the child’s primary caregiver
  • Both applicant and child must physically live in South Africa
  • Child not cared for in state institution
  • Must pass an income-based means test

How to Apply for the Child Support Grant?

You can submit your CSG application through two methods:

1. Visit nearest SASSA Office

Walk-in to your nearby SASSA office branch and fill out the CSG application form in-person. A SASSA agent will assist you if needed.

2. Apply Online

From 2023, you can apply online for child support grants directly through the SASSA website.

  • Visit the SASSA Website
  • Click on “Apply” and select “Child Support Grant”
  • Complete all fields in the online application form
  • Upload scanned copies of supporting documents
  • Submit the application digitally via the portal

This enables you to apply for the grant from the comfort of your home without visiting SASSA centres if you have all documents handy.

Required Documents When Applying

When applying for the child support grant, you must provide the following documents as proof:

  • Parent’s Identity Document – original 13-digit barcode ID
  • Child’s Birth Certificate – showing ID number
  • Proof of Income – payslips, bank statements, UIF card, etc.
  • Child’s School Certificate (if available)
  • Clinic card (RTHC) for child (if available)
  • Affidavits from police station (if no IDs or birth certificate)

Child Support Grant Application Status Checking Methods

Once you have applied for the child support grant for your child, you can check the real-time application status through multiple channels offered by SASSA:

1. Check Status Online via SASSA Website

  • Scroll above and Check SASSA Status or visit our Homepage at SASSA SRD Status Check.
  • Enter the ID Number and Phone Number and click “Check Status”
  • Will show either “Approved”, “Pending”, “Rejected” or “In Progress”

2. Check Status via Moya App

  • Download the SASSA “Moya” mobile app
  • Register using your ID number and create app password
  • Under “My Applications” tab, check your application status

3. Check Status via SMS

  • SMS your 13-digit ID number to 082 046 8553
  • You will receive an SMS with application status

4. Check Status via WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp “Status” to 082 046 8553
  • Reply with your 13-digit ID number when prompted
  • Will receive application status via WhatsApp

5. Call the SASSA Call Centre

  • Call 0800 601 011 (Toll-free)
  • Provide ID number and enquire about application status
  • Agent will inform current status over call

Understanding the Status Messages

When you check the status of your child support grant application through above methods, some common status messages you may encounter and their meaning are:

  • “Approved” – Application has been approved and grant activated
  • “Pending” – Application being processed and assessed
  • “In Progress” – Additional verification underway
  • “Rejected” – Application declined and not approved

Processing Timeline for Child Support Grant Approval

The average processing time for SASSA child support grants is approximately 3 months from the date you applied.

However, this can vary depending on verification processes and applied region. Some applications may get approved in 1 month while some may take 6 months.

So keep monitoring your application status online to get regular updates.

Once approved, your grant payments will be back-paid from the original application date.

Appeal Process If Your Application Gets Rejected

In case your child support grant application gets rejected by SASSA within 3 months, you have the right to Appeal SASSA this decision.

Follow this appeal process:

  • Receive rejection letter from SASSA via post/email
  • Appeal to National Department of Social Development
  • Submit appeal letter within 90 days of rejection
  • Provide grounds why their decision was inaccurate
  • Department will review appeal and decision

If the department rules in your favor, the grant will be re-activated and payment initiated.

Payment and Balance Checking Methods After Approval

Once approved, you can receive CSG payments either through, but make sure, you are using the accurate banking details, and if you want to change them, you can learn to Change SASSA Banking Details:

  • Direct bank deposit – into your own account
  • Cash withdrawal – from SASSA card at designated outlets
  • Institution payout – if in an old-age home / shelter

You can check your grant balance using these methods:

  • Dial USSD code *120*3210# or *120*69277# to check balance
  • View balance via SASSA WhatsApp chatbot
  • Check at nearest ATM through SASSA card (charges apply)
  • Call  0800 601 011 number to speak to agent for balance

Therefore, by proactively checking your SASSA child grant status online, you can track your application status every step of the way – from processing stage to final approval!

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