Lost Child Support Grant After Caregiver Died Reapply Steps

Lost Child Support Grant After Caregiver Died? Reapply Steps

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By Anele Zulu

Losing a loved one who was receiving South Africa’s Child Support Grant (CSG) to care for a child can lead to financial and administrative hurdles. If you become the new primary caregiver for that child, you may qualify to claim the CSG funds they previously received. Here is a guide on reapplying for Child Support Grant payments from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) when a prior caregiver and recipient passes away.

Confirm You Are Now the Primary Caregiver

First, confirm that you have become the primary caregiver legally responsible for the child. As a biological parent, grandparent, or alternate guardian over age 16, verify that the child now resides with you full-time following the previous caregiver’s death.

You must assume chief accountability for the child’s daily care, supervision, and well-being. Additionally, confirm that the child is currently attending school if they are of mandated school-going age. As the new primary caregiver, you will be eligible to submit a new CSG application if you meet all other requirements. You can check the SASSA Status of your application at SASSA Status Check website.

Review Eligibility Criteria

Since the Child Support Grant is means-tested, review your eligibility. As of October 2023, here are the current criteria:

  • South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee
  • Both you and child reside in South Africa
  • Child is under 18 years old
  • Child does not receive alternate institutionalized care
  • You do not receive any other form of payment for caring for the child
  • Annual income below R61,200 (single) or R122,400 (married)

Gather Essential Documentation

Compile the following original or certified documentation required for your CSG application:

  • Child’s birth certificate – if unavailable, a SASSA official can provide an affidavit
  • Your SA ID document – if unavailable, SASSA can provide an affidavit
  • Your spouse’s SA ID (if married) – if unavailable, SASSA can provide an affidavit
  • Proof of income (payslips, bank statements, UIF card, etc. depending on situation)
  • Additional caregiver verification (child maintenance, custody forms, etc. if applicable)

Submit New CSG Application at SASSA

Schedule an in-person appointment at your local SASSA office to submit your new Child Support Grant application. Explain to the SASSA representative that the previous recipient and caregiver for this child has unfortunately passed away, resulting in you formally becoming the child’s new full-time guardian and primary caregiver.

Provide all required documents and income verification. Outline why the child needs continued assistance through the CSG program now under your care. Answer any follow-up questions transparently to help finalize eligibility.

Await Review Process and Backdated Grant Payment

After submitting your application, SASSA will take approximately 90 days to finalize review and approve your CSG grant. Expect potential follow-up inquiries if any information requires clarification. Once approved, SASSA will backdate CSG payments to when you originally lodged the application. You will then begin receiving monthly payments going forward.

The current CSG amount is R510 per month as of October 2023. Payments continue until the child turns 18 years old or no longer meets eligibility criteria. Immediately contact SASSA if your situation changes over time. Meanwhile

Seeking Assistance from SASSA or The Black Sash

SASSA’s representatives can clarify requirements or assist with applications both online or at local branch offices:

SASSA Toll Free Call Centre: 0800 60 10 11 SASSA Head Office: 012 400 2322
Email for Inquiries: [email protected]

The nonprofit Black Sash also offers free paralegal support regarding SASSA grants:

Email: [email protected]
Helpline: 072 66 33 73 / 072 633 3739 / 063 610 1865

Losing a Child Support Grant caregiver can severely impact a child’s welfare if payments suddenly cease. By promptly reapplying as the new guardian, you can reinstate this essential financial assistance during a transitional period. Be prepared to answer questions, provide documentation, and work closely with SASSA representatives through the application process.

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