How to Check SASSA Balance Without Airtime?

How to Check SASSA Balance Without Airtime?

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By Anele Zulu

Monitoring your SASSA grant balance allows beneficiaries to track available funds and transactions. However, frequently checking your SASSA balance using airtime can become expensive for grant recipients who rely on mobile phones.

The good news is that SASSA provides a free USSD service enabling beneficiaries to check their SASSA balance without using any airtime.

Yes, you read that right and in this article we are going to explain what USSD is, the benefits, and a step-by-step guide to checking your SASSA balance via USSD securely that too via without Airtime. However, if you are looking to check the Status of your SASSA Application whether it is rejected or Approved you can check that on SASSA SRD Status Check tool on our website.

So What Exactly is USSD?

USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a protocol used by mobile networks to communicate directly with service providers. USSD utilizes the mobile carrier’s servers to retrieve information in real-time.

When a user enters a USSD string like *120*3210#, it initiates a USSD session. The request is transmitted instantly to the linked service. In this case, entering the SASSA USSD code connects you to the SASSA servers via the mobile carrier. The SASSA balance and account information is then displayed on the mobile phone.

As USSD does not utilize mobile data or require an internet connection, checking your SASSA grant balance using USSD is completely free of charge. There is also no waiting time or delays with real-time balance retrieval in seconds.

Benefits of Checking Your Balance via SASSA USSD

Taking advantage of the dedicated SASSA USSD service to monitor your grant funds offers the following useful benefits:

  • No airtime deductions as USSD utilizes the mobile carrier signaling channel
  • Secure encryption keeps your personal and financial information protected
  • Fast and convenient balance checks delivered directly to your basic mobile phone
  • Offline accessibility checks balances with or without mobile data/internet
  • User-friendly process using prompts and options during the USSD session
  • Real-time information with instant balance and transaction updates

Using the free SASSA USSD method helps save airtime costs. It is available nation-wide across all mobile networks with the necessary security measures in place.

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Check Your Balance without Airtime (USSD Method)

Follow these straightforward steps to conveniently monitor your SASSA grant balance for free via USSD:

1. Dial the SASSA USSD Code

On your mobile phone, enter the special SASSA USSD code allocated for balance checks without airtime charges:

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This code gives you direct access to retrieve your latest balance information from SASSA servers.

2. Initiate the USSD Session

Once the above code is entered, press the green call or OK button on your mobile phone. This initiates the actual secure USSD session with the SASSA balance check servers.

3. Follow Balance Check Prompts

You will be prompted to enter details like your SASSA card number, ID number or passport number to access your account securely during the session.

Carefully enter the accurate card/ID details as prompted to verify your identity. Incorrect information will lead to errors. This safeguards your personal account information.

4. View Your Available SASSA Balance

After successfully entering your credentials, your current SASSA grant balance will display instantly on the mobile phone screen. This shows the exact rand amount available for withdrawals or purchases.

Recent account transactions may also display on the screen, allowing you to monitor grants received as well as spending from the SASSA account.

5. End the USSD Session

Once you have noted your SASSA balance, end the USSD session by pressing the red call end button on your mobile phone. This severs the connection with the SASSA servers and ensures no further airtime or data is utilized.

Check Your Balance Regularly via Free USSD

With this easy USSD method, SASSA account holders can now:

  • Avoid airtime costs by checking balances securely via USSD
  • Quickly confirm available funds on basic phones to manage grants
  • Track transaction history & statements for account activity monitoring
  • Detect issues early by regularly checking balances

Be sure to check your balance at least monthly or whenever withdrawing cash. Monitoring your grants ensures you utilize funds appropriately and avoid shortfalls. It also protects against potential fraud with regular balance tracking.

Troubleshooting SASSA Balance Check Issues

When utilizing the free SASSA USSD balance check service, you may encounter connectivity issues or errors in some cases:

  • Verify the correct USSD code – *120*3210#
  • Retry balance check if facing timeouts during USSD session
  • Move to area with better mobile network signal strength
  • Ensure valid card number and verified ID number during prompts
  • Contact SASSA if service issues persist across mobile networks

SASSA’s toll-free helpline 0800 60 10 11 and local offices can also provide additional support. Proactively troubleshooting any USSD issues ensures you maintain convenient access for monitoring your grant funds at no extra charges.


The dedicated SASSA USSD service offers the fastest, most affordable option to check your SASSA grant balance directly on your phone securely. Following the prompts to enter your card and ID details initiates real-time balance retrieval without utilizing any airtime whatsoever.

Put this free USSD method to good use by checking your available SASSA funds regularly. Quick balance confirmation provides peace of mind and helps beneficiaries responsibly manage grant income.

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