How to Fix SASSA SRD Identity Verification Failed Error in 2024

How to Fix “SASSA Identity Verification Failed” SRD R370 Status?

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By Anele Zulu

Applying for South Africa’s Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant in 2024 and received an “Identity Verification Failed” error? This common notification indicates your application did not pass the Department of Social Development’s validation checks for the R370 monthly payment and your Application has been rejected. However, if you are unsure you can check at the SASSA Status on our website as well.

Fortunately, you can resolve the error by re-submitting your application with accurate personal details.

This guide explains why you get the “Identity Verification Failed” message, what you can do to remedy it, and tips for making sure your re-submitted application is approved.

What Triggers the “Identity Verification Failed” Error?

When you apply for the SRD grant, you must submit valid identifying details including your ID number, cell phone number and other personal information. The Department of Social Development verifies this data against official government databases to check you are eligible for the grant.

If any details don’t match the government records, your application fails this critical identity validation. Common triggers for an “Identity Verification Failed” error include:

  • Typos in ID number, date of birth or contact details: A single incorrectly entered digit or character during the application process can cause a data mismatch and verification error.
  • Using an incorrect ID document: You must use the official green, barcoded ID book. Temporary, expired or invalid IDs typically fail the validation process.
  • Cell phone number registered to another person: The mobile number used when applying must match your official ID record to pass the identity check.
  • Name changes or variations: Variations of your first name, middle name or surname between your current ID and government records can also fail the identity check. Examples include name changes due to marriage or divorce.

If any personal data doesn’t align between your application and Home Affairs records, you’ll get the dreaded “Identity Verification Failed” notification. But you can rectify this by re-applying correctly.

How to Resolve the “Identity Verification Failed” Error?

The good news is you can re-apply and successfully validate your identity by carefully following these steps:

  1. Check the reason for failure – Log in to your SASSA SRD online account and review the exact data that failed identity verification. Make a record of what needs correcting.
  2. Collect the right documents – Have your current green, barcoded ID book ready. Also collect any legal documents regarding recent name changes or divorces to support variations.
  3. Double check all details – When re-entering personal details, carefully double check your ID number, date of birth, names and cell phone number match exactly what is printed on your green barcoded ID book.
  4. Re-submit application – Once all data has been checked thoroughly, re-submit your completed application with the validated, accurate personal details.
  5. Verify OTP – Check the mobile number submitted receives the validation One Time Pin (OTP). Enter this to complete identity verification.

Following these five simple steps correctly ensures your application passes the identity validation checks required to get approval for the SRD grant.

The “Identity Verification Fixed” SASSA Status Meaning

In some cases, you may see the status “Identity Verification Fixed” – this is good news! It means SASSA has resolved the identity verification issue, and your application can proceed.

Tips to Avoid Identity Verification Failure

Here are useful tips to make sure your SRD application successfully verifies first time and isn’t delayed by correcting errors:

  • Have your green barcoded ID book on hand when applying to accurately enter all personal data from this source. Don’t guess any details from memory.
  • Double and even triple check all entered ID details before submitting an application. Simple typographical errors easily cause mismatch failures.
  • Ensure you apply with the mobile number registered on your official ID record or at the very least, that you have access to.
  • When entering names, take extra care when full middle names or multiple surnames exist. Only capture what is printed on your ID.
  • If you have recently been divorced or married, and your current ID book doesn’t reflect a legal name change, have supporting documents ready to validate variations.

Avoiding common data entry errors ensures your application passes the Home Affairs identity validation first time. This prevents the frustrating “Identity Verification Failed’ error when applying for this vital financial relief grant.

Next Steps If Re-Application Fails Verification

If after following all the steps and tips above to re-apply for the SRD grant your application still fails identity verification, contact SASSA support directly for assistance.

Call this SASSA helpline 0800 60 10 11 or visit your nearest regional SASSA office. An agent can investigate and manually validate your identity once supporting documents are provided. This special assistance prevents eligible applicants losing out due to persistent technical errors.

Appealing a Declined SRD Grant Due to Identity Verification Issues

If your SRD grant application is declined due to identity verification problems, you can appeal the decision within 30 days of receiving the rejection notification from SASSA.

How to Appeal for the SASSA SRD R370 Government Grant?

  1. Visit the SASSA SRD grants website at
  2. Enter your ID number and phone number
  3. Submit your appeal through the online platform

Note that you must SASSA Appeal for every month your grant is declined. You can track your appeal status on the same websit

The Take Away

The “Identity Verification Failed” notification when applying for the SASSA SRD grant simply indicates a mismatch between the details you entered compared to your official ID records. Fortunately this is easily corrected by re-submitting your application with 100% accurate personal data.

Carefully checking all information entered upfront makes sure your application passes first time. But if issues persist, SASSA agents can manually validate your identity to successfully complete the SRD grant application process.

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