How to Fix SASSA SRD “gov payroll registered” Error?

How to Fix SASSA SRD “gov payroll registered” Error in 2024?

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By Anele Zulu

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was introduced by the South African government to provide temporary financial assistance to unemployed South Africans during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, many applicants had their SRD applications rejected with the error message “gov_payrol_registered,” indicating you are currently employed by a government department.

What Does the Gov Payroll Registered Error Mean?

The “gov_payrol_registered” error message means SASSA has identified you as currently being employed by a South African government department or entity based on payroll records. Since one of the eligibility requirements for the SRD grant is being unemployed, if you are currently employed, even by the government, you cannot receive SRD grant payments.

What to Do If You Get the Gov Payroll Registered Error?

If you received the “gov_payrol_registered” error but believe you should still be eligible for SRD, you can appeal SASSA’s decision by submitting an Application for Reconsideration:

  1. Visit the SRD website’s reconsideration page.
  2. Find the “Application for Reconsideration” tab and click “click here to apply for reconsideration.”
  3. Provide your ID number and mobile number when prompted.
  4. Follow the instructions to submit reconsideration details and any supporting documentation.

Why You May Have Got the Error?

There are a few reasons why an SRD applicant may receive the “gov_payrol_registered” error even if they believe they should qualify:

  • SASSA payroll records show you as currently employed by a government department. These records may not be updated.
  • You recently left a government job but are still reflected as employed in gov payroll systems.
  • Someone applied for SRD falsely using your ID number without your knowledge.
  • SASSA made a technical error in validating your employment status.

Provide Proof You Are Currently Unemployed

To successfully appeal the “gov_payrol_registered” error during SRD reconsideration, you must provide documentation showing you are currently unemployed. This can include:

  • A signed and stamped unemployment affidavit. This should state you are currently unemployed and not receiving income.
  • A termination letter if you recently left a government department. This should show your final employment end date.
  • Bank statements showing no regular salary payments. Make sure no government departments pay into your account.

Providing clear proof you are unemployed gives you the best chance of overturning the denial based on the “gov_payrol_registered” determination and getting approved for SRD grant payments through a successful appeal.

Follow Up on Your Reconsideration Request

Once submitted, you should follow up frequently on the status of your SRD “gov_payrol_registered” SASSA Appeal by:

  • Calling the SASSA SRD Contact Center to verify receipt and check status
  • Visiting your nearest SASSA office to ask about reconsiderations
  • Checking the SRD website frequently for SASSA SRD Status updates

Be persistent in following up as reconsiderations can take time to process. If ultimately denied again, be sure to request a formal explanation that you can review and use to inform additional appeals.

Apply Accurately as Unemployed for Future SRD Rounds

If your appeal is unsuccessful, take measures to apply accurately as unemployed in any new rounds of special COVID-19 SRD grants or additional income support programs announced by the government in 2024 or beyond:

  • Obtain valid unemployment affidavits regularly as proof of continued unemployed status
  • Check gov payroll records to ensure you are reflected as unemployed
  • Accurately complete applications as currently unemployed
  • Use non-government bank accounts not tied to prior payroll deposits

Taking these proactive steps can help avoid the frustrating “gov_payrol_registered” rejection message in future applications for income support aimed at unemployed South Africans. Be sure to remain vigilant on eligibility requirements and provide complete, accurate information to improve your chances of qualifying.

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