SASSA R370 Approved But No Payment Date? [Solutions Here]

SASSA R370 Approved But No Payment Date? [Solutions Here]

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By Anele Zulu

Did you apply for the SASSA R370 (Previously R350) unemployment grant recently? If you got approved but haven’t received a payment date yet, don’t worry. This guide explains why delays happen and how to resolve the situation.

The R370 grant provides much-needed funds to unemployed South Africans with no other income. Even after following all the right steps, some approved applicants encounter issues getting their first payment date and money.

Why Doesn’t My Approved R370 Grant Have a Pay Date Yet?

There are a few common reasons your SASSA R370 grant may be approved but no payment date given at first:

1. Application Verification Issues:

SASSA has strict rules to approve unemployment grants. If there were any problems verifying your personal details or eligibility, it could delay receiving your pay date. Recently, they have introduced Biometric verification as well

2. High Application Volume:

With millions of R370 applications, SASSA gets overloaded processing them all. This unfortunately creates delays for some approvals before issuing payment dates.

3. Incorrect Application Details:

Did you make a small mistake on banking info, ID number or other fields? Incorrect data gets flagged and must be fixed first.

4. Bank Balance Too High:

There’s a R624 maximum balance allowed to qualify for the R370 grant. If your bank account exceeded this limit during review, updates are required.

    Any of the above could temporarily postpone getting your payment date and first grant deposit from SASSA, even after receiving initial approval. But don’t worry there are solutions!

    What to Do If Your R370 Grant is Approved With No Pay Date?

    If you received approval but no payment date provided for your SASSA R370 unemployment grant, here are some recommended steps to take:

    Solution 1: Wait 7-10 Days First

    SASSA clearly states it may take up to 7-10 days from approval before your payment date and first R370 installment is processed and sent. So if it’s been less than 10 days, the best thing is to wait patiently during this normal processing window first.

    Solution 2: Double Check Your Info

    After 10 days with no payment date, carefully review all the personal details you entered on your R370 application, like:

    • Full legal name and ID number
    • Residential address
    • Banking details (account + branch numbers)
    • Contact information

    Even a small mistake in any of these fields can cause snags. If you find any inaccurate info, follow SASSA’s process to correct and re-submit it.

    Solution 3: Check Bank Balance

    The SASSA R370 grant has strict banking requirements to prove need. Your account balance must be under the R624 limit during the final verification stage. If your balance exceeds this amount, your application won’t proceed further until the balance is reduced below R624. Then you must confirm the lower balance with SASSA.

    Solution 4: Submit Online Query

    If you’ve double checked all your details are accurate and your bank balance is under R624, yet still no payment date – it’s time to submit an official query online. SASSA has a [Web Form] specifically to follow up on approved R370 grants with no pay date issued.

    Clearly explain your situation, emphasize you were approved, and attach any relevant documentation. This flags your case for review to determine why the final payment date is delayed.

    Solution 5: Visit Your Nearest SASSA Office

    As a last resort, you can make an appointment to visit your local SASSA office in person and speak to someone directly. Bring copies of your ID, banking details, and application documentation. The staff can investigate your specific case, identify any other issues, and work to resolve getting your R370 payment issued.

    Do not get discouraged! Follow these steps calmly and persistently. As long as you were approved and maintain eligibility, you should receive your R370 payment grant funds. It may just require some extra verification or manual follow-up from SASSA’s side to finalize.

    More Tips for Approved R370 Applicants

    • Stay Patient: While waiting is difficult, being rude or demanding won’t speed up the process. Remain patient and persistent.
    • Save All Documentation: Hang on to copies of submitted paperwork and confirmations in case details need re-verifying.
    • Check for SASSA Updates: Regularly check SASSA’s website for any policy updates or announcements regarding the R370 grant that could impact your case.
    • No Need to Re-Apply: If you miss a payment due to delays, you don’t need to re-apply. The missed funds will be included once your case is resolved.
    • Confirm Bank Account is Active: Ensure your bank account is still currently open and active. Dormant or closed accounts can halt payments.
    • Provide Accurate Info From Start: Giving incomplete or false information can cause bigger delays or rejections. Always submit truthful, qualifying details initially.

    The SASSA R370 grant is a vital lifeline for unemployed individuals in South Africa. By persevering through any initial delays and snags, you greatly increase your chances of receiving the money you were approved for.

    The Key: Persistence and Accuracy

    In summary, if your SASSA R370 unemployment grant was approved but no payment date has arrived yet, don’t lose hope! The most important things are:

    1. Reviewing all your submitted details carefully for any errors
    2. Ensuring your banking info and balance meet requirements
    3. Persisting politely but firmly to resolve the delay

    Whether it was a minor mistake, processing overload, or other verification issue following the step-by-step solutions above should get your approved R370 grant payment successfully processed.

    Begin with patience, allowing the standard 7-10 day window first. But then persistently yet respectfully work the solutions updating details, adjusting banking, submitting queries, and connecting with local SASSA staff as needed.

    As long as you were truthfully approved and maintain eligibility, your SASSA R370 unemployment grant payment should eventually be issued. Just don’t give up after receiving initial approval. With some dedicated effort, you can overcome any delays and receive the funds you were approved for.

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