How to SASSA Change Banking Details for r370 to TymeBank?

How to SASSA Change Banking Details for R370 to TymeBank?

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By Anele Zulu

Are you one of the many South Africans benefiting from the SASSA R370 grant (Previously R350)? Maybe you’ve decided to make TymeBank your go-to bank account. Switching over your grant payments is a straightforward process, but it’s crucial to follow the steps precisely. This guide will hold your hand through updating your banking details with SASSA smoothly.

Srd SASSA Gov Za Banking Details Tymebank (Quick Answer)

How to SASSA Change Banking Details for r350 (Now r370) to TymeBank in 2024?

Follow the below steps to learn how to SASSA Change Banking Details for R370 (Previously R350) to TymeBank in 2024

Step 1: Visit the Official SASSA Website

Your first stop is the SASSA website dedicated to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. On your mobile device, tablet, or computer, open your preferred web browser. Then, navigate to This is the official portal for managing your grant details.

Step 2: Find the Banking Details Update Section

Once on the SASSA SRD site, take a careful look around the different sections. You’re hunting for an area specifically about changing your banking information. It may be labelled ” “How do I change my banking details?” or something along those lines.

Step 3: Enter Your Identification Credentials

When you locate the right section, you’ll likely be prompted to input your unique 13-digit South African ID number. This identifies you as the legitimate grant recipient. Double and triple check that you’ve entered this number accurately down to the last digit before proceeding. One small mistake could cause major headaches.

Step 4: Keep an Eye on Your Mobile

After verifying your ID number, SASSA’s system will fire off a text message (SMS) to the mobile number they have on file for you. This SMS contains a critical secure link, so be patient as you wait for it to arrive. It may take a few minutes to come through.

Step 5: Follow That Secure Link

Once SASSA’s SMS hits your mobile device, you’ll see it contains a single-use secure link. Carefully copy and paste that link into your computer’s browser or simply tap it on your mobile. This personalized link is just for you and will expire after one use to maintain security.

Step 6: Provide Your New TymeBank Details

Following the secure link will take you to a form collecting your updated banking information. Pay close attention to the details SASSA requires here:

  • The name of your new bank (TymeBank)
  • The type of TymeBank account (savings, cheque, etc.)
  • Your brand new TymeBank account number
  • The associated branch code for your TymeBank account

This is arguably the most important step, so take your time. Double check the account number and branch code entries. Any errors here could result in delays or missing payments until corrected.

Step 7: Submit and Wait for Confirmation

With all your new TymeBank details entered accurately, click the “Submit” button. SASSA should then process your banking update request behind the scenes. To confirm they’ve received it, you may get an additional SMS notification or a message directly on the website.

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully updated where SASSA will deposit your vital R370 grant payments going forward.

SASSA’s team will review the new banking info you provided. As long as everything looks good on their end, your future grant payments will start arriving in your new TymeBank account on the usual payment schedules. Say goodbye to those old account details!

Of course, throughout this process, double and triple checking the details you enter is absolutely critical. Mistakes on things like account numbers or branch codes could mean missing out on payments until those errors are corrected.

Similarly, be very careful with any unique SMS links SASSA sends you. Those personalized links can only be used a single time for security purposes. If you encounter any issueswiththat link, you’ll likely need to restart this update process from the beginning.

By taking it slow, carefully following every step, and accurately providing all requested TymeBank details, you’ll be all set. Your R370 grant money will keep arriving hassle-free in your new account each payment period.

For millions of South Africans, that R370 grant from SASSA provides vital financial support and peace of mind. So it’s great you’re taking the initiative to shift over to TymeBank seamlessly. Those payments will now land exactly where you want them each cycle.

A Few Extra Tips and Reminders still with me? Let’s go over a few additional tips and reminders to ensure updating to TymeBank is a total success:

  • Have your latest TymeBank statement or card handy to correctly reference things like your account number and branch code
  • Be aware that SASSA’s website and systems are really the only way to update banking details – you can’t make changes by visiting in person or calling
  • If you no longer have access to the mobile number SASSA has on file, you’ll likely need to update that first before changing your banking details
  • Consider downloading SASSA’s official SRD grant mobile app for easy access to these update processes
  • Check that your new TymeBank account is in fact activated and funded before expecting payments there
  • Regularly monitor your new TymeBank account activity after the switch to ensure payments are arriving as expected

By being diligent and double checking every detail, you’ll smoothly transition your SASSA grant payments to your TymeBank account. That money provides such vital assistance to so many – so kudos to you for taking these proactive steps! Your payments will now land exactly where you want them each period.

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