All SASSA eForms & SASSA Application Forms Download in PDF Format!

Download SASSA eForms & SASSA Application Forms in PDF Format!

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By Anele Zulu

Are you applying for South African social grants and need the required SASSA forms? Avoid wasted trips to offices by downloading key documents yourself. We summarize each necessary form, its purpose, plus provide direct PDF links for paper or digital applications.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) administers government assistance programs. All applicants must formally register using specific forms outlining personal details, income status plus confirming eligibility per individual grant requirements.

Fortunately, SASSA makes vital forms and digital eForms accessible online for easy self-service. This includes main application forms, supplementary affidavits, medical assessments, plus more.

What are the types of SASSA Application Forms for Grant Applicants?

Different forms are mandatory for each grant type. Common ones include:

  • Affidavit Forms: Confirms personal details including ID number, marital status, dependents, income sources, residential address and other qualifying means-test criteria.
  • Medical Assessment Referral: Substantiates disability status for linkage to certain assistance.
  • Claim Reconsideration Request: Disputes unfavorable application outcome decisions.
  • Appeal Forms: Launches formal appeal with Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).
  • Grant Payment Method Registration: Enables direct deposit into bank account.

Affidavit Requirements Per Social Grant Category

Affidavits detail evidence backing your particular grant eligibility. The table below outlines common SASSA Affidavit Forms and their associated grant program:

Grant TypeAffidavit Form Required
Child SupportAffidavit for Child Support
Foster ChildAffidavit for Foster Child
Care DependencyCare Dependency Grant Affidavit
Disability AssistanceAffidavit for Disability Grant
Grant-in-AidAffidavit for Grant-in-Aid
Old Age PensionOld Age Grant Affidavit

How to Download SASSA Forms & eForms Directly?

Rather than traveling to local offices hoping to find correct paper forms, SASSA makes document download fast and simple.

We’ve compiled one place with direct PDF links for all common national SASSA forms and eForms including supplementary materials associated with typical grant assistance application proceedings.

SASSA Affidavit Forms PDF Downloads

Click on the below link and it will start downloading. If you don have an idea on how to write affidavit forms, you can read our ultimate guide as well.

Download SASSA Child Support Grant Affidavit [2024]

Child Support Grant Affidavit

Download Foster Child Grant Affidavit [2024]

Foster Child Grant Affidavit

Download Care Dependency Grant Affidavit [2024]

Care Dependency Grant Affidavit

Download Disability Grant Affidavit [2024]

Disability Grant Affidavit

Download Grant-in-Aid Affidavit [2024]

Grant-in-Aid Affidavit

Download Old Age Grant Affidavit [2024]

Old Age Grant Affidavit

Download Additional SASSA Supplementary Forms

Click on the below link and it will start downloading.

Download SASSA Consent for Bank Payment [2024]

SASSA Consent for Bank Payment

Download Medical Assessment Referral [2024]

Medical Assessment Referral

Download Proof of School Attendance Confirmation [2024]

Proof of School Attendance Confirmation

Download Grant Application Reconsideration [2024]

Grant Application Reconsideration

Download SASSA Reapplication Form [2024]

SASSA Reapplication Form

Download SASSA Appeal Form 1 (Latest Version: 01 June 2022-2024)

Appeal Form 1 (Latest Version: 01 June 2022-2024)

Download SASSA Appeal Late Filing Condonation [2024]

Appeal Late Filing Condonation

Submitting SASSA eForms Digitally

Besides PDFs, SASSA now provides end-to-end eForm options through its portal allowing complete remote submission avoiding offices entirely.

How to Access SASSA eForms Portal Online in 2024?

Access SASSA eForms Portal

This covers the essential forms relating to all common SASSA social grants and key application proceedings. Bookmark this article for easy reference later. Reach out to SASSA directly for any additional documents needed to complete your specific national assistance application process smoothly!

When your application is processing or to track existing grants, you can also use SASSA’s convenient online SASSA Status Check portal. This allows beneficiaries to easily verify current grant status, see previous payouts, confirm availability of funds each month, and manage their social relief support digitally.

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