Can I Collect My R350 Without a Payday?

Can I Collect My R350 Without a Payday?

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By Anele Zulu

If you received approval for South Africa’s special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant but have not yet received confirmation of a pay date, you may be wondering;

Can I Collect My R350 Without a Payday?

SRD Grant Approval and Processing

To start receiving the emergency SRD funds, you must first qualify through an application review by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). All applicants are screened based on the eligibility criteria below:

  • South African citizenship or permanent residency
  • Currently unemployed or income is below the set threshold
  • No other social grants received
  • Financial distress due to COVID-19 impact

If approved, SASSA will contact you through email, SMS, or mail that your grant application was successful. However, this communication does not mean payment processing is complete or funds are immediately available to you. There is still an internal process to finalize within SASSA before disbursements.

The next vital step is for your first pay date to be set, which officially releases funds and marks in the system when you can start collecting or receiving payment installments.

The Significance of an Assigned Pay Date

Getting an assigned pay date for your R350 grant is important for the following reasons:

  • Confirms Funds Are Processed: The set pay date verifies that your first or subsequent payments have been approved, processed and availed by SASSA internally.
  • Outlines Collection Schedule: Knowing exactly when recurring payments will be available allows you to properly budget, plan finances, and avoid wasted trips to pay points before funds are released.
  • Access Account or Card on Pay Date: If using an banking account or SASSA card, the pay date indicates when transferred funds will reflect in your account balance.

In essence, the pay date acts as a guarantee that the R350 funds are ready for collection through your chosen access channel.

How to Get Pay Dates Assigned for Your R350 Grant?

Here are tips to help get your pay dates set if approved but waiting longer than expected:

  • Respond promptly to all SASSA messages – Reply to any texts, calls or emails requesting additional documents or information to avoid delays.
  • Follow up after 4 weeks – If approval is confirmed but still no pay date, call the SASSA hotline or visit an office to inquire.
  • Confirm your payment method – Check that SASSA has your accurate account details or chosen collection method on file to pay out funds.
  • Submit any pending documents – Provide any outstanding verification documents if SASSA previously requested them from you.

What to Do Once You Receive Your Pay Dates?

As soon as SASSA informs you of your scheduled pay dates, you can:

  • Mark your calendar with the communicated timeline.
  • Budget knowing the R350 grant will be available for withdrawal as per that pay schedule.
  • Collect your funds via your chosen method like bank deposit, SASSA card withdrawal, CashSend, etc.
  • Contact SASSA if any issues collecting payments on allocated pay dates.

Waiting for the initial pay schedule takes patience but ensures your ability to reliably receive funds when disbursed. As you await your R350 grant approval and pay date assignments, it is wise to periodically check the status on your application. You can check the latest updates on approvals, pending verifications and pay scheduling via SASSA Status Check portal.


In summary, your approved R350 SRD grant cannot be accessed until after SASSA has processed the first installment and officially communicated your pay dates.

Only attempt collections after informed of the scheduled release of funds to avoid wasted trips and frustration. Follow up diligently if approved but still waiting on a pay date assignment. This will assist getting your grant relief payments on track so you can start benefiting from the essential financial assistance.

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