Does SASSA Pay Grants On Weekends?

Does SASSA Pay Grants On Weekends?

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By Anele Zulu

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government agency that provides welfare assistance and social grants to over 18 million vulnerable South Africans. These grants offer vital financial aid for expenses like food, housing, healthcare and more.

A very common question that arises among grant beneficiaries is;

Does SASSA Pay Grants On Weekends?

SASSA Weekend and Public Holiday Grant Payments

As per existing South African social welfare laws and statutes governing SASSA’s operating model, grants are not paid out on weekends or public holidays recognized in the nation. The Social Assistance Act and its regulations make no provision for grant disbursement on non-working days.

Per official SASSA communication, grant payments strictly follow regular Monday to Friday week schedules, excluding weekends and holidays.

For example, if the 1st of a month falls on a Saturday, payouts would only commence on the next working Monday when banks reopen.

Some major public holidays that halt welfare grant payments include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Human Rights Day
  • Good Friday
  • Freedom Day
  • Workers Day
  • Youth Day
  • National Women’s Day

Payments resume the next working day after the holiday per SASSA’s payment infrastructure with partnered banks and financial service providers.

As per South African law, SASSA grant payments follow regular Monday-Friday schedules, excluding weekends and gazetted public holidays.

Accessing Grant Funds on Non-Payment Days

While new social welfare grants do not disburse over weekends and holidays, beneficiaries can still access existing grant funds during that time through:

  • Bank Account Withdrawals: Via ATMs or online banking for available balances.
  • SASSA Card Use: Existing prepaid balances on SASSA Cards can be used for purchases.

Proper budgeting around grant payment cycles is essential, especially for South Africa’s vulnerable groups, to ensure vital monthly costs are covered.

Additional Common Questions

Q: When does SASSA Pay grants each month?

SASSA grants are paid in the first week of every month, though exact payment dates may vary around weekends and South African public holidays.

Q: When does SASSA Pay SRD Grants each month?

SASSA pays out Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grants to eligible applicants typically in the final week of each month, unlike regular social grants which disburse in the first week.

Q: What types of SASSA grants are available?

Some major SASSA grant programs include the Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant and more. There are over 7 different grant types.

Q: Can I check the status of my SASSA grant application?

Yes, you can check your SASSA grant application status online via the SASSA Status Check website, through SMS notifications, or by visiting your nearest regional SASSA office.

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