How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online in 2024?

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By Anele Zulu

Sometimes things in life can change. You might get a new job or your financial situation improves. When this happens, you may no longer need the money from your SASSA Grant. If that’s the case, it’s important to cancel your grant properly.

Cancelling your SASSA grant is a straightforward process, but it’s crucial to follow the right steps. This guide will walk you through how to cancel your grant online using the SASSA website. We’ll also cover some other options if you prefer not to use the internet.

Why Cancel Your SASSA Grant?

There are a few key reasons why you should cancel your SASSA grant if you no longer require the financial assistance:

  1. You can’t receive a SASSA grant and work for the government (as a public servant) at the same time. Cancelling allows you to apply for government jobs.
  2. You can’t get a SASSA grant while receiving other government benefits like Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or student aid (NSFAS). Cancelling prevents penalties.
  3. By cancelling, you free up funds that SASSA can give to someone else in need of the grant money.
  4. Continuing to take the grant when you don’t qualify for it anymore is considered fraud, which can get you in serious trouble.

So if your circumstances have changed like getting a new job it’s really important to properly cancel your SASSA grant as soon as possible.

How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online in 2024? Step-by-Step

The easiest way to cancel is through the SASSA online cancellation portal. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the SASSA Cancellation Portal at using an internet browser like Chrome or Safari.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the “Cancel My Application” tab. Click on it.
  3. A yellow “Click Here to Cancel Online” button will appear. Click that button.
  4. A new window will open, asking you to enter some information to verify your identity:
    • Your 13-digit South African ID number
    • The cell phone number you used when you first applied for the grant
  5. Enter those details carefully, double checking that the numbers are correct.
  6. Click the “Send PIN” button. SASSA will send a one-time PIN code via SMS text to the cell number you provided.
  7. Enter that PIN code in the space provided on the website to confirm it’s really you cancelling.
  8. Once verified, click the big red “Cancel My Grant” button.
  9. A message will pop up asking “Are you sure you want to cancel your grant?” Read it carefully.
  10. If you’re absolutely certain, click “Yes” to cancel your SASSA grant.
  11. You’ll get a confirmation SMS saying your cancellation request was received!

That’s it you’ve successfully submitted your online cancellation. But you’re not quite done yet.

How Much Time It Take to Cancel SASSA Grant?

After you complete those online steps, SASSA has to process and approve your cancellation request. This process takes about 7 days from when you first submit it.

During that 1-week period, you’ll still receive any scheduled SASSA grant payments while they review your case. But once those 7 days are up and it’s approved, your grant will officially be cancelled. You won’t get any more SASSA money after that point.

To double check everything went through properly, you can use the SASSA Status Check website to confirm your grant status. This ensures there are no remaining issues that could prevent you from getting certain jobs down the road.

What are the Other Cancellation Options for SASSA Grants?

Not everyone is comfortable using the internet and websites. If that’s you, no problem! SASSA provides a few alternative cancellation methods:

Cancel SASSA Grants Via WhatsApp

You can cancel your grant via the SASSA WhatsApp chat. Just save their number 082 046 8553 and message “Cancel SASSA R350 Grant” to get started. Follow the prompts to enter your ID and registered phone number.

Cancel SASSA Grants Via Email

Send an email to [email protected] stating your request to cancel. Include your full name, SASSA reference number, ID number, and registered phone number.

Cancel SASSA Grants Via Phone

Call the SASSA toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11. Listen to the automated prompts to connect with someone who can process your cancellation details.

Cancel SASSA Grants Via In-Person

If you prefer, you can visit your nearest SASSA office in person and let them know you’d like to cancel your grant. Bring along your ID and any other documents they may need.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to have your 13-digit ID number and registered phone number handy. SASSA will need to verify your identity before processing the cancellation.

The Importance of Proper Cancellation of SASSA Grants

You may be wondering – why go through all this hassle to cancel when you could just stop using the grant money? Unfortunately, that’s not an option if you want to avoid penalties.

Improperly continuing to receive SASSA grants you don’t actually qualify for anymore is considered fraud. This can result in having to repay funds, fees, and even potential criminal charges in serious cases. Not worth the risk!

By properly cancelling through one of the approved SASSA processes, you avoid any issues or penalties. Your cancellation is logged and you receive confirmation. This clears you for things like:

  • Applying for government jobs
  • Receiving other state benefits or funds you may qualify for
  • Preventing issues with taxes or legal troubles down the road

So if your life situation changes and that SASSA grant money is no longer needed, definitely take the time to cancel your grant properly and transparently. It protects you and allows that financial assistance to go to another South African in need.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Cancelling your SASSA grant is an easy process when you follow the right steps.

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