SASSA Beneficiaries Robbed at the Post Office

How Criminals are Robbing the Poorest in South Africa at Post Office?

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By Anele Zulu

Some terrible news has come to light dishonest people have been stealing money from poor South Africans who receive social grants at the Gatesville Post Office. This is completely unacceptable!

Let’s break it down:

What is a Social Grant?

  • It’s money given by the government to help the poorest people in South Africa.
  • Many rely on this grant, called a SASSA grant, to afford basic necessities like food and clothing.
  • Without it, they would really struggle to survive.

How Are SASSA Grants Being Stolen?

  • Those with Post Bank accounts have their grants deposited directly into their Post Office account each month.
  • But criminals have found a way to take a portion of this money before it reaches the rightful owners!

Just imagine:

  • You work hard all month, counting down the days until your grant arrives.
  • Finally, the money comes in, but a big chunk of it is missing!
  • It’s devastating for these already impoverished people to have what little they have stolen.

The DA Party Wants to Help The Democratic Alliance (DA) party is taking action against this injustice.

Here’s what they’re doing:

✔️ Asking any SASSA grant victims at Gatesville Post Office, or other Post Offices, to contact them

✔️ Assisting these victims in opening police cases

✔️ Demanding that Ministers Lindiwe Zulu and Mondli Gungubele investigate immediately

✔️ Insisting that stolen funds are fully compensated

✔️ Pushing to close any loopholes that allow thefts to occur

It’s shocking that criminals target the most vulnerable members of society like this. The DA vows not to let it continue.

Your Grant Money Matters These grants are a lifeline for millions. Every cent is absolutely vital. We must:

  1. Protect the poor and ensure their money reaches them safely
  2. Bring the thieves to justice
  3. Create a fair, caring society where no one goes hungry

If you or someone you know has been affected, don’t delay contact the DA right away. Together, we can stamp out this deplorable crime and secure a better future for all South Africans in need.


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