How to Block SASSA Card?

How to Block SASSA Card? 4 Steps & 2 Methods for Lost SASSA Card

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By Anele Zulu

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) card is an essential financial tool for many South African citizens who rely on social grants. However, if your SASSA card is lost, stolen, or compromised, you’ll want to block your SASSA card as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized transactions or abuse of your benefits. You can also check the status of your SASSA application via the SASSA Status Check.

In this guide, we’ll outline two methods and four key steps for how to quickly and effectively block your SASSA card if needed.

Overview of Blocking a SASSA Card

Blocking your SASSA card prevents any further transactions or payments from being made. It is an important safeguard if your card or card details fall into the wrong hands. There are two main methods to block a SASSA card:

  1. By Phone: Call the SASSA card center hotline to immediately block card use for purchases or ATM withdrawals.
  2. In Person: Visit your nearest SASSA office or pay point to have your card blocked in their system.

Once blocked via either method, your SASSA grant can still be paid into your account, but the card itself cannot be used for any transactions. You will need to order a replacement card to regain transactional functionality.

Below we detail the step-by-step process for both blocking methods:

Method 1 – Block SASSA Card by Phone

Calling SASSA to block your card is the quickest way to disable all transaction capabilities and prevent fraudulent use.

Step 1: Call the SASSA Card Blocking Hotline

SASSA Hotline Contact DetailsNumber, Days, and Timing
Hotline Number0800 601 011
Hours of OperationMon-Fri 7:30am–4pm

The number connects you directly to the SASSA card division for immediate card blocking. If calling after hours, there may be an option to leave details for a return call on the next business day.

Step 2: Provide Your SASSA Card and Personal Details

When connected to a SASSA agent, clearly state that you need to block your SASSA card. They will then request certain details to verify your identity and locate your card account. Details required generally include:

  • SASSA card number
  • Primary cardholder’s name, surname and ID number
  • Reason for blocking your SASSA card

Step 3: Receive Confirmation Your Card is Blocked

The SASSA agent will perform the card blocking function while you are on the call. Stay on the line until the agent confirms your card has been successfully blocked in their system. Without this confirmation, you cannot be sure the block request has been processed.

Step 4: Order Replacement SASSA Card

Although your card is now blocked from purchases or withdrawals, you still need a functional card for future grant payments and transactions. You can order a replacement SASSA card by:

  • Calling the SASSA card division and requesting a new card to be issued.
  • Visiting your nearest SASSA office or grant pay point to order a replacement in person.
  • Logging into your SASSA online account and requesting a card replacement.

Expect 7-10 working days for your new SASSA card to be produced and arrive from when you place the order.

Method 2 – Blocking Your SASSA Card In Person

For those needing immediate on-the-spot SASSA card blocking, visiting your nearest SASSA office is the most reliable approach.

Step 1: Gather Relevant Documents

Before visiting SASSA, ensure you have the correct documentation to verify your identity and card ownership. This includes:

  • South African ID book or card
  • Any documentation with your SASSA card number printed on it
  • If available, bring the physical SASSA card itself

Step 2: Visit Your Nearest SASSA Office

The Department of Social Development website has a SASSA offices mentioned, you can visit official website to find your closest office. Offices are open Monday–Friday from 8am-4pm. Some offices also open Saturdays 8am-12pm –

Step 3: Request Card Blocking Service

In the SASSA office, locate the Client Liaison Officer (CLO) or Card Blocking Officer. Clearly state you need to block your SASSA card and provide necessary details when asked, including SASSA card number and your ID.

Step 4: Fill Out Replacement Card Form

Before leaving, complete a Lost Card Replacement Form to order your new SASSA card. The officer can assist if needed. Expect your new card dispatched within 5-7 working days.


Having your SASSA card blocked quickly is vital if it is lost, stolen or details compromised. By correctly following either channel detailed above – over the phone or in person – you can securely disable the card within minutes. Just be sure to order a replacement card so you can continue transacting seamlessly. Reach out to SASSA directly if any issues when attempting to block your compromised government benefits card.

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